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Florida / Orlando Seal and Expunge Lawyers

  • Arson

  • Aggravated Assault

  • Aggravated Battery

  • Illegal Use of Explosives

  • Child Abuse or Aggravated Child Abuse

  • Abuse of an Elderly Person or Disabled Adult & Aggravated​ Abuse of an Elderly Person or Disabled Adult

  • Aircraft piracy

  • Kidnapping

  • Homicide

  • Manslaughter

  • Sexual Battery

  • Robbery

  • Carjacking

  • Lew, Lascivious, or Indecent Asset or act upon or in the presence of 

          child under the age of 16 years
  • Burglary of a Dwelling

  • Stalking and Aggravated Stalking

  • Act of Domestic Violence as Defined in Fl. Stat. 741.28

  • Home-Invasion Robbery

  • Act of Terrorism as defined by Fl. Stat. 773.30

  • Manufacturing any substances in violation of Fl. Stat. 893​
  • Attempting or conspiring to commit any of these crimes


  • Sexual misconduct with developmentally disabled person and related offenses

  • Sexual misconduct with mental health patient and related offenses

  • Luring or enticing a child​

  • Sexual Battery and Related Offenses

  • Procuring person under 18 for prostitution

  • Lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of persons less than 16 years of age

  • Voyeurism

  • Florida Communication Fraud Act (Scheme to Defraud or Organized Fraud, as used in Fl. Stat. 817.034)

  • Lewd or lascivious offense upon or in presence of elderly person or disabled person

  • Sexual performance by a child

  • Offenses by Public Officers and Employees

  • Showing, Selling, etc., obscene literature to minor

  • Computer pornography

  • Selling or Buying of minors

  • Trafficking in controlled substances

  • Sexual Misconduct with mentally deficient or mentally ill defendant

  • A violation of any offense that would qualify for registration as a sexual predator under Fl. Stat. 775.21 or sexual offender under Fl. Stat. 943.0435

In order to Seal or Expunge your criminal record it must be determined that you are eligible to do so. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is the governing body who determines whether or not a person is eligible to Seal or Expunge their criminal record. If you have been adjudicated guilty (or adjudged delinquent​ as a juvenile) of any misdemeanor or felony crime, then you will not be eligible to seal or expunge your criminal record. This includes a conviction for DUI, Reckless Driving or Driving while license suspended (DWLS). In order to Seal or Expunge your criminal record, the case that you seek to seal or expunge must be resolved, including any probationary periods.

A criminal record that is sealed will be kept on file at both the courthouse and the arresting police agency. The record will be placed in a sealed envelope and will not be viewable by the public unless an order to unseal the record is obtained from the court. FDLE will also keep a record of the arrest. The record will also be cleared from the court's computer database by the Clerk of the Court. A criminal record isexpunged will be destroyed by both the Clerk of the Court and that arrested police agency. It will also be erased from the court's online computer database. The only agency that will retian a record of the arrest will be FDLE.