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"An absolutely Incredible lawyer"
​I sought Mr. Adams help in September of 2012. I decided on Mr. Adams mainly because of his prior military status. I knew that any and all decisions regarding my case would be well thought out before acted upon and that he would keep me informed on any pertinent information. Any question that were posed to Mr. Adams were answered accurately, clearly and promptly as possible. If any meeting was scheduled, Mr. Adams was always on time and got straight to the point. I had and still have nothing but, utmost confidence in Mr. Adams ability to perform his job without flaw. I wholeheartedly would recommend Mr. Adams to any individual. It was the best decision that I could have possibly made. I am forever grateful for all that Mr. Adams did for me. I hope that my words will encourage others to also chose Mr. Adams. 

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Written by: Angel
Date Published: 12/12/2012

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When you hire a private lawyer, most lawyers will have you sign a waiver of your appearance. This allows the lawyer to waive your appearance for most court appearances in most counties in Florida. That may mean you do not need to attend the arraignment, monthly pre-trial conferences, status conferences, pre-trial diversion conferences, evidentiary motion hearings, and in some circumstances, plea hearings. If time is money, you need a lawyer for a DUI. 


A typical DUI will cost you about $3500 without any help from a lawyer. This includes the fine for a DUI with a breath over 0.15, the costs for the DUI school and other penalties, court costs, costs of supervision, and increase in insurance premiums. If you take into account your time for 50-100 hours of community service and the time you take off from work, this could add thousands of dollars. How much will it cost you if you lose your job? An experienced DUI attorney could significantly reduce the actually amount of money you spend. This starts with getting your driver's license back without a time where you can't drive. It continues with reduction in the charges or even a dismissal. You may even be able to get the entire criminal episode expunged from your history. A $1500 - $4000 lawyer fee may be a great investment. 

Do you know how to get your driver's license back? Do you know if there are important time lines you are missing? How this will effect your job? Would you rather have an experience professional go to court for you? Who do you want speaking to the prosecutor and judge on your behalf? Most people charged with a crime are confused by the process. They don't know what will happen or when it will happen. Your attorney should be able to guild you through the process and explain things to you in a way that you understand. 


If you blew over 0.08 BAC or refused a breath test, you have 10 days from the time arrested to either request a formal hearing to contest your drivers' license suspension or to waive a formal hearing. Do you know what the best option is? Your attorney probably does. Your attorney will probably have you sign up for a DUI school and to go to the DMV administrative review office to waive your right to a formal hearing so that you can get a hardship license. Find out if this is your best option. It will be expensive, but it may be necessary. 

Lawyers are allow to promise results, and with so many unknown factors, you should avoid those that do make promises. You should hire a lawyer you believe to be an effective, hard working, and honest person / firm and trust them to do their best. That being said, as former prosecutors and experienced criminal defense lawyers, we can say that having a lawyer who aggressively represents you in a DUI gives you a much better chance at a good outcome. A good outcome is different for different people people each case is unique. This means filing motions to suppress evidence, emailing and calling the prosecutors, setting hearings on evidentiary issues, meeting with the judge to discuss the particulars of the case. 

Are you having difficulty sleeping? Being charged with a crime is stressful. A lawyer will help bear that burden for you. When you leave a lawyer's office having hiring a law firm, you should feel the weight of your burden start to lift. 

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